Our Mission

Forgotten Mom Inc. (FMI), is a registered (501(c)(3), non-profit initiative established to address, support, and find help for the dramatically underserved population of individuals struggling with the disease of addiction. By focusing primarily on the mothers in need of treatment and support, FMI can best serve the widest scope of families caught in the seemingly overwhelming addiction and behavioral health struggle.

Through years of work in the field of addiction treatment and wellness outreach, the FMI leadership recognized that mothers are more acutely engaged and involved with their communities than any other part of the population, and are therefore, the key to connecting with families in need of help. As a result, FMI has built a platform that focuses initially on the matriarch and builds a safety net for all those in need of support.

Former Governor of Wisconsin and Secretary of Health and Human Services

“I couldn’t be more impressed with the mission, direction, and dedication of the good people at Forgotten Mom. While the entire country is struggling to find a way to combat the opiate epidemic that impacts us all, Forgotten Mom has built an exceptional non-profit dedicated to finding resources for the millions of mothers, children, and families, who are struggling with the disease of addiction without any accessible resources or support. Their organization recognizes that a healthy mother figure is the foundation for a wholesome family, community, and society; I completely agree and am honored to endorse Forgotten Mom. Visit www.forgottenmom.org and support their efforts today..”

– Tommy Thompson

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