Forgotten Mom Inc. (FMI), is a registered (501(c)(3), non-profit initiative established to address, support, and find help for the dramatically underserved population of individuals struggling with the disease of addiction. By focusing primarily on the mothers in need of treatment and support, FMI can best serve the widest scope of families caught in the seemingly overwhelming addiction and behavioral health struggle.

Through years of work in the field of addiction treatment and wellness outreach, the FMI leadership recognized that mothers are more acutely engaged and involved with their communities than any other part of the population, and are therefore, the key to connecting with families in need of help. As a result, FMI has built a platform that focuses initially on the matriarch and builds a safety net for all those in need of support.

While the disease of addiction has become one of the most prolific destructive forces for humanity and the families defining our population, engaging and educating mom, her loved ones, and her community about issues pertaining to addiction and behavioral health and available treatment options, we will exponentially grow the numbers of families getting the help they need.

Whether a mother is on the receiving end of the much-needed treatment resources we coordinate or on the giving end by helping FMI find support for a loved one currently struggling, mothers are the key to healing families in need, which is why our focus starts with her. Mothers and their unconditional love is what connects each and every one of us together; despite differing cultural, religious, and political views, we can universally agree that all life and love begins with a mother. It is our privilege to celebrate all mothers while providing the healing resources their families need.