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My name is Denise P., I’m 28 years old and a mother of two beautiful boys, ages 9 Aaron and 4 Jacob. I was born in Santo Domingo and lived there until I was 4 years old, which is when my aunt and uncle brought me to my mom and dad in NY, in hopes of providing a better life for me. My childhood was tough. I lived in a studio apartment with my older brother two younger sisters and my mother. My mother is and always will be my inspiration. I watched my mom struggle, work 3 jobs just to make ends meet and provide for my family.

I have memories of watching my mom struggle trying to help my father who suffered from addiction and depression. My mother taught my siblings and I that faith and family are the most important two things in life. My life changed drastically when I was 17 years old, a senior in high school. This is when I found out I was pregnant and all hopes of going to college were shattered. It was then that I made the decision that I was going to be a mom, a great one just like mine. After I had the baby, I knew I needed to work to be able to support him. I took on a full time job and met people who introduced me to a world I wish I never became a part of. Within a short period of time, I realized I too was suffering from addiction and depression.

I met a man who initially I thought was everything I wanted. After moving in with him, I started to abuse cocaine, as it was so easily accessible, being he was a drug dealer. He introduced me to a life I never imagined I could be a part of. I suffered from physical and mental abuse. I was lost and I was spiraling down a long road and I needed help. I became pregnant again. I thought that maybe I would be able to change my life and get myself together. I gave birth to Jacob and things did not get better.

I was still in an abusive relationship and my addiction got worse. The father of my youngest son would beat me every day. My depression and addiction took over my life. I needed help. I lost custody of my boys, my mother received custody of Aaron and Jacob’s father’s mother received custody of Jacob. She would not allow me to see Jacob. She separated my boys and it has been 3 years since I have seen Jacob. Jacob and his brother have been separated this entire time.

I contemplated suicide, I lost everything, but I never lost faith. I decided I needed to find whatever ounce of strength I had left and go to rehab. Because of the values my mother instilled in me I can happily say that I am 9 months clean. I am 28 and I am ready to take back the beautiful life that was given to me.

When I found out about Forgotten Mom, I couldn’t believe there was such a beautiful organization that helped mothers like me integrate into society. With the help of Forgotten Mom, my life can change. I am stronger than I have ever been and I am ready right now to start my life the right way. If I had a car I would be able to transport myself to and from work without using the train. I would be able to see my sons, until I am granted custody back. I currently live in on Oxford house, which costs me $150 per week, and am saving up to be able to afford an apartment on my own. Once I have done this, I will be that much closer to being able to try and get my beautiful children back in my life, which is where they belong. I want to be just like my mother and instill the values that she has instilled in me. The custody battle will be long and I am willing to fight, but I am going to need the help of a lawyer to get my kids back.

I am forever grateful that Forgotten Mom has already helped me with my resume, so now I can look for an actual career and not just a job to get by. I am a hard worker and I am willing to put in 110% from now and for always! Please help me Forgotten Mom, I am ready! I go to bed every night dreaming that my kids will be with me, I am ready to make that dream a reality but I cannot do it without the help of Forgotten Mom.


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