Rev.Dr Franklin W. SimpsonRev.Dr. Franklin W. Simpson received a Bachelor’s in Theology from Mizpah Biblical College in Piedras, Puerto Rico (1968). In 1978, he obtained his Bachelor’s of Arts from Adelphi University in Long Island, N.Y. In the year 1980, he obtained his certificate as a Director of Cases and Crisis Intervention from the University of Buffalo, in Buffalo, N.Y. Dr.Simpson continued his studies at the New York Theological Seminary, where he obtained his Masters in Professional Studies. Consecutively, in 1996, he obtained his Certificate of Pastoral Counseling, from the Institute of Mental Health and Religion “Blanton Piel” in the city of New York. In 2005 ,Dr.Simpson completed his Masters in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care from Fordham University. In 2006, Dr. Simpson was certified to serve as a Protestant chaplain with the Department of Correctional Services of the State of New York.

As Executive Director of Cadet Corps Building and Programs of New York City Mission Society located in the Bronx, N.Y. Dr. Simpson’s contribution was essential to the organization of various community components that highlighted the economic, educational, social, political and spiritual needs of the Highbridge and Morrisania communities of the South Bronx.

Dr. Simpson is also the Co-founder of Angels Unaware, Inc. This is a 24-year non-profit foundation, which serves the community of individuals with Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities in the South Bronx communities of Highbridge and Morrisania. It is the only hispanic program available nationally. Dr. Simpson has contributed greatly to further develop programs and implementing fundraising strategies within the organization. To learn more about Angels Unaware, Inc, please visit their website at

The good Reverend has held high positions in the Lutheran Church Synod in which he also Pastors a church at the Resurrection Lutheran Church located in the Highbridge area of the South Bronx. Rev. Simpson has promoted social development and outreach among the community to strengthen the church’s role within the community. He is currently in the process of building 100 units to assist the elder in the community.

As Head Coordinator of Protestant Chaplaincy at the Concourse Division for the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center he attends thousands of patients. He also has been known to collaborate with the hospital to bring awareness and in raising funds to assist the growth of the hospital. A program that he created and heads as President of Partners in Healing an interfaith, multi-ethnic clergy is dedicated in working collaboratively with other health-care providers, religious groups, educational facilities and community organizations to provide services that promote holistic compassionate care to those who are ill, homebound or bereaved.

The Reverend is Founder of Radio Vision Cristiana a hispanic christian syndicated radio station located in Paterson, NJ that has a reach of 25M listeners. He spearheaded the initial fund raising efforts to buy the station in 1984 for $13M dollars. Through his faith and dedication they were able to raise $4.5M in just 3 months. Dr. Simpson has attracted the attention of many local and national figures as a pioneer in the ministry. His experience and knowledge has captured the attention of many seeking his advice for non for profits projects and event planning.