Rev. Dr. Ariel R. Torres Vegas

Dr. Ariel R. Torres Vega, was born on December 24, 1954 in the picturesque village of Gurabo Puerto Rico. Seventh son of the Rev. Fidel Torres and the Missionary Febe Vega Gutierre.

Requested by the Rev, Isaac Hernandez, who was the president of the organization in the East, was installed as a pastor on the property of the King of Glory church at 456 Evergreen Ave Brooklyn NY, in 1987. Dr. Ariel Torres is called by Its president Rev. Isaac Hernandez to take him to be an interim pastor at the SINAI church in Newark NJ.

Months later Rev. Isaac Hernández asks him to direct the concilia program “La voz de Pentecostés” as a member of the Board of Directors of Radio Visión Cristiana.

Dr. Ariel R, Torres and his wife were installed as pastors owned by the SINAI church two weeks after they arrived in that congregation.

Dr. Ariel R. Torres Vega has in his ministerial career 35 years of officially recognized pastorate. His first credential was signed by Rev. Fernando Sánchez Secretary General and of Puerto Rico and President (Bishop) Rev. Pedro Martínez Lugo, on March 31, 1981 plus the first additional 8 years as a local assistant not recognized by the organization.

Today Dr. Ariel R. Torres Vega along with his fellow pastor Dr. Aida Iris Torres continue in the pastorate of the SINAI church in Newark after having arrived there more than 25 years ago.

He continues as a member of the Board of Directors of Christian Vision for the past.

He continues to produce the program “Taking De La Fuente.”

He continues to be a Servant of God and a friend of those who wish to be his.